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A 1972 Wedding Dress Story


This is not my usual post. I’m not selling anything!

It was spring 1972, and I was a too young bride very busy making my wedding dress. I was getting married in June. I finished in plenty of time, and it was pretty–a bit plain by today’s standards, but it was what I wanted. Move forward to the 21st century and the Internet, where one could find just about anything.

My pattern was long gone–probably sold in a yard sale, not figuring on my life long love of sewing and vintage. I started looking on the net, putting in the search terms, “wedding dress, bride gown, bridal gown,” and other words I could think of. I thought I would recognize the pattern, thinking the models were turned horizontally on the pattern, but I had no luck. It will be there someday, I kept telling myself.

My good friend Jane and I both love sewing and vintage. We especially love the old patterns. Today, she was showing me some patterns she had gotten to sell, and to my astonishment, there was my wedding dress pattern in the same size I used! The only thing I wasn’t sure about was whether I had put cuffs on the sleeve; the pattern showed ruffled sleeve ends. In 1972, I was too young and scared to alter a pattern very much. Jane, wonderful friend that she is, gave me the pattern, and I rushed home to look at a picture of my wedding dress, and there it was, the perfect model of that pattern. I was/am overjoyed. It’s just something another seamstress would understand.

Now, to the reason I didn’t find it in an Internet search: the pattern was labeled “Evening Dress,” and there is nothing on it to indicate it could be used for a bridal gown.

I made the dress out of a white poly cotton voile. I trimmed the bodice and other areas with an eyelet and velvet insert trim and trimmed the ruffle, sleeves and neck with a small edge trim. I still have scraps of these 2 trims. I would do it differently today just because I’m a bit different now and like fancy wedding dresses, but back then, it was perfect!