The Grandma Rebecca

I am grandmother to Tanner (born in 2001) and Daisy (born in 2005). They call me Boombah! That name came about because Tanner was trying to say Grandma and it came out Boombah. It stayed!

Daisy catching a fish at Ft. Loundon Lake.

Daisy catching a fish at Ft. Loundon Lake.


The Writing Rebecca

I love to write but I don’t do enough of it. See my blog at to read more about my writing.


The Teaching Rebecca

I currently teach freshman writing at Pelllissippi State Community College. I have taught at the University of Tennessee, Tennessee Tech University, Roane State Community College, and ITT Technical Institute. I love the teaching part but don’t enjoy grading papers!


The Auction Rebecca

For 12 years, I worked at Ridenour’s Auction as a clerk, which means I wrote down everything that was sold. It closed down in March.

I then started working at Fountain City Auction, a much larger auction, and I am clerking there but with computers.


The Collecting Rebecca

I collect many things but try not to spend a lot of money on the collections. Since I work at an auction, I find some things there, some in antique stores. I wait on the good price!

Evening In Paris: This was a popular perfume and some cosmetics back in the 1930s–1950s. It mostly came in cobalt bottles. I got my first from my dad–he found it in his garden. For many years, I didn’t know what kind of bottle it was until I saw one like it in an antique store with a label on it many years later. I started searching for them in antique stores; then, the internet came along, so that made it easy! I have to resist the urge to see what is selling on ebay!

Ladies’ Handkerchiefs: I love all the sweet morals and motiffs from vintage ladies’ handkerchiefs. I find them at auctions occasionally but really hit a gold mine when we cleaned out my Grandmother’s house after she died.

Mini Perfume Bottles & Compacts: I don’t even know how/why I started this sort of collection, but it has become huge.

Postcards: I sold a lot of these before I started to hang onto them. I have 2 big boxes of them, sorted by states, countries, and themes. My favorites are, of course, the ones that were sent to me by family or friends, and I have a few that I sent to people over the years, and I have ended up with them somehow. My favorites are the hand-tinted ones that show old amusements, attractions.

Coke: I started collecting these items back in the 1980s. Most of it was packed up for about 10 years, but I finally unpacked it and put it all on shelves in the basement.

Sewing: I collect thimbles (not the souvenir type). I especially like the advertising or political ones. I collect patterns that I want to keep but sell plenty in my Etsy store VictorianWardrobe.

Books: Ahhhh! I love books! I am thinking of selling some on Etsy, however! I read a lot, also. My favorite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Check out Goodreads to see what else I read.



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