Grandaughter Daisy wearing the dress I made for daughter Kelly.

Grandaughter Daisy wearing the dress I made for daughter Kelly.

Wedding Dress I Made

Wedding Dress I Made

I have been a seamstress since I was about 10 years old. I made the usual doll clothes, but in 7th grade I started making some of my clothes. I continued this through high school, then made my wedding dress when I was a young bride of 18. It is rather plain but seemed difficult to me then. it is upstairs in a box that used to be sealed, but my daughter coaxed me into unsealing it and letting her try it on.I continued sewing after my children were born, making dresses for the girls but mostly making Halloween costumes. (see Laura Ingalls dress above) I made very little for myself in those years because clothes suddenly became very cheap in the stores.

About 4 years ago, I began thinking about how to make money from sewing or something related to sewing. I finally came up with opening a fabric store. After about a year of research and hard work, my husband and I did open a fabric store. We were able to keep it open for 8 months and had to close it due to many factors.

The 3500 square foot fabric store came home with me–after a huge liquidation sale–and I now sell very well on Etsy using the name Victorian Wardrobe.

Also, in those last 4 years, I began making Victorian costumes and other items. I have sold a few and have some listed on Etsy. See my other page about the Victorian Costumes.

Now, I’m back into sewing or sewing related activities almost full time.

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