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The Blouses


It was 1982 and Rebecca was home with new baby boy Clark. The Kesterson sisters came over with their sewing machines and they spent the day making ruffled blouses.

The Pattern You can buy this on Etsy!

blouse picture

That’s Judy down there on the right with her pretty plaid blouse. Jenny is on the left with her lovely orange/brown blouse. At the top left is Rebecca in her purple gingham blouse, and Janet is at the top right with her white, sleeveless blouse.

It was a fun day for all! Kelly and Jeremy played with her dolls, and Clark slept and cried for his feeding and messy diapers. Tim, Andy, and Julie were at school, and Kerry, Jesse, and Jesse had not been thought of yet! Tammy (who is she) couldn’t make it that day!

Yes, I made this up!