Great Sew Date!


The sew date went well! Jessica and I made a small lip gloss case out of orange/white fabric and a set of orange/black banners.

We also made a tiny pillow so I could show her how to blind close the seam and sewed some black ribbon on a skirt for her dog.

She learned how to use her sewing machine!

Jessica is an amazing young woman with many artistic abilities. I enjoyed lookiing at all of her sewing notions she has collected. I was worried that we might not have enough materials to work with, but it was just the opposite. She has a lot of different trims and fabric with endless possibilites.

I enjoyed immensely talking to her and my son came by for some lunch.

A wonderful day!

About Rebecca Carroll

I have a wonderful Etsy store: You will find lots of sewing items, vintage items of all kinds! My Etsy shop is a full time job but I also work at an auction, so I find lots of unique items to put in my shop.

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