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Today’s Sewing Tasks


Today, my daughter brought over 2 cheerleading outfits that needed some alterations.

For my grandaughter Daisy, I sewed an old t-shirt to the inside of the cheerleading top. She has sensitive skin, and the stiff seams bother her. I did this last year and it worked great.

I added a gusset to the sides of another for another girl so that it would fit her better.

AND, best of all, I got to visit with my daughter Kelly!

All 13 of the Cheerleaders

All 13 of the Cheerleaders

Taking a break!

Taking a break!


Great Sew Date!


The sew date went well! Jessica and I made a small lip gloss case out of orange/white fabric and a set of orange/black banners.

We also made a tiny pillow so I could show her how to blind close the seam and sewed some black ribbon on a skirt for her dog.

She learned how to use her sewing machine!

Jessica is an amazing young woman with many artistic abilities. I enjoyed lookiing at all of her sewing notions she has collected. I was worried that we might not have enough materials to work with, but it was just the opposite. She has a lot of different trims and fabric with endless possibilites.

I enjoyed immensely talking to her and my son came by for some lunch.

A wonderful day!

A Sewing Date


Tomorrow, I am going over to my son and daughter-in-law’s house to assist her with a sewing project. I definitely look forward to it!

Jessica is a very talented young woman. She is a photographer by trade but has many other artistic abilities. She has a brand new sewing machine still in the box, and she doesn’t really know how to begin.

I gave her a sewing box for Christmas with some basics: seam ripper, fabric scissors, pins, and maybe some thread. She has collected fabric, buttons, and other sewing items on her own. I gathered some supplies to take: 3 project books with patterns, large plastic ruler, ruled pattern paper, seam ripper (she can’t find hers), pinking shears, tracing wheel and paper, interfacing, and orange Vol fabric. Hopefully, we can come up with something she wants to make for the cheerleaders that she coaches.

Vol Banners

Vol Banners

I made some banners like these and hung up at my now closed fabric shop. I then sold several sets of them and made some for some people as gifts. Jessica may want to go in a diferent direction, but that is fine. I am taking a whole bolt of this fabric with me. She mentioned making some curtains, so we will see what we get into. 

What is your least favorite sewing task?


My least favorite is buttonholes because I do not have a machine that does them well. If anyone has a secret or tips, let me know.

Matching Dresses

Sisters' Matching Dresses

Sisters’ Matching Dresses

My mom used to sew a lot. She made matching dresses for me and my sisters.

This particular photo does not include my sister Janet, who arrived 5 years after me. I’m sure Mom might have come up with 4 matching dresses–just don’t have a photo of that right now.

A Studded Outfit from the 1970s


In the 1970s decade, when I was making a lot of my clothes, I made a fabulous outfit. It was a matching bomber type jacket and pants made out of burgandy fabric, probably a polyester type. It was a heavy-weight fabric.

But there was something special about this outfit. It had hundreds of silver studs that I put on it by hand. I remember sitting evening after evening pressing those studs in with a tool. I think I still have the tool.

I may have a photo somewhere of this outfit, but I don’t remember ever seeing one. If I find it, I will post it. I don’t know what happened to the outfit. I’m sure it ended up in a yard sale!