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Sew, An Introduction

Sew, An Introduction

Upstairs in my house is a spare bedroom with the usual: a bed, chest of drawers, dresser, nightstands, lamps, and a closet.

But there is much more! It is THE sewing room. It is full of fabric, patterns, a cutting table, thread, zippers, a sewing machine, buttons, sewing notions, and just about anything related to sewing you can imagine. The carpet is littered with thread, pins, and scraps of fabric.

Most of it is for sale on my Etsy site, Victorian Wardrobe, but lots of it is the substance I work on every day. I spend as much spare time in there as possible: sewing, sorting, selling, creating.

Friends say I know a lot about sewing, and I guess I do. I’ve been doing it about 50 years now. And sewing or anything related to it never ceases to fill me with peace and relaxation. Sure, there have been times when I was away from this basic, but I always return and return.

Sewing gives . . . to me!